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    Nissy Channel

    開設日 2020年03月12日

    チャンネル登録者数 37.5万人

    動画投稿本数 77本(20.68日に1本の動画投稿)

Nissy ChannelのYouTubeチャンネル概要

Nissy completed 4 major dome concerts with his best album titled “Nissy Entertainment 5th Anniversary BEST”. He was the 7th male solo artist in Japan to accomplish a major dome tour as such. He was also the youngest artist in Japanese history to have all 4 shows sell out immediately.
The live DVD of the tour ranked #1 in the “Oricon” daily and weekly charts.

He has appeared on the cover of magazines such as ELLE and Numero.

To this day, his success continues to grow into many fields.