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    Marble ASMR healing Junior Japan

    開設日 2014年06月27日

    チャンネル登録者数 284万人

    動画投稿本数 47本(76.38日に1本の動画投稿)

Marble ASMR healing Junior JapanのYouTubeチャンネル概要

The sound is healed. Various kinds of sounds. My favorite is the sound of marbles rolling. ASMR heals everyone's hearts. Marble Run is a healing of the hearts of people all over the world. Please be healed by the sound of ASMR.
I like the sounds of all kinds of marbles. I also love the wooden course.
I will make a lot of videos of train toys. Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio, children love train toys. There are railroad toys, such as plarails and wooden rails.